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AIRONE by Italamp - homkw.com

AIRONE by Italamp

Another day, another Italamp. AIRONE, designed by ITALAMP Studio that has a very angelic presence. It comes in a gold nickel metal structure with satin teak glass leaves; Part of the Incanto Modern Collection.

The elegance in this chandelier makes it perfect for almost any space. Statement pieces like AIRONE are recommended in areas that are regularly occupied by people, such as a restaurants, receptions and lobbies. Statement chandeliers are the jewelry to architecture.

As a centerpiece, and a source of light, it illuminates the room in a gentle and beautiful way. A hard-to-miss chandelier that will have all heads turning up.

AIRONE by Italamp - homkw.com

AIRONE by Italamp in usage

In this image, AIRONE is used as tool for lighting inside a restaurant. You can see how the peaches, beiges, and whites in the rooms interior and color choices are complimentary to the chandelier. The tilt in the chandelier is intentional, and adds a physical edge to the design. AIRONE is an enchanting piece of art that hugs the room with a soft white light enhancing the dining experience.

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