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AXI by Italamp

The AXI chandelier by Italamp, that defies gravity. A floating sensation with a “retro-futuristic” aesthetic, composed of a unique tubular structure made of white borosilicate glass with an LED light source. The chandelier is finished with strong metal elements and color with pieces of art glass; arched, textured surface that filters light, and can be adjusted directionally.

AXI can be hung vertically and horizontally. The vertical position would be suitable as an art piece, with a lighting function, usually spaces at the corner of the room for wall lighting enhancement, or as a side light, buffering over a side table or near a seating area. Whereas the horizontal position is more suited over a dining table, or fancy meeting room.

The art glass detailing comes in 4 main colors; Sky blue, Light grey, Cherry, and Salmon Pink

Which AXI by Italamp is your favorite?

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