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Design, Functionality & Spatial Flexibility

Design Functionality and Spatial Flexibility

“The essence of architecture is the three-dimensional spaces created for human habitation” – Frank Lloyd Wright

At hōm we aim to create spaces that make people feel happier, safer, and more sociable. With design and functionality in mind, harmony and movement within spaces enhances human activities to work, play, create, and rest.

Aesthetic, Design and Functionality

When designing any urban space, building or structure we must place the human condition at the forefront of our considerations and find ways in which we can promote feelings we wish to illicit in our designs. We work to consider designing spaces that correspond to design aesthetics and not just functionality and accommodating purposes. Having ambient lighting, high quality floor materials, and furniture to tell a story is as necessary a good structure. Design spaces that have become more optimal and spatially flexible are more likely to adhere to social and environmental changes.

Humans & Space

Humans prefer spaces that function based on their own terms and services as well as spaces that look and feel beautiful. Renovations most commonly take place in service spaces such as kitchens and bathrooms. Changes in domestic trends and lifestyles of occupants will impact the products and materials used in the design process. It is a luxury to be able to renovate your bathroom tiles and kitchen counters, but it is definitely more budget friendly to do so, than to entirely build a new home.

Clients that come with restrictive budgets usually consider their wants vs their needs. With recent changes around the world revolving around COVID-19, staying home now feels more of a luxury than travel. Peoples’ priorities have revolved around creating activities around their home-lifestyles rather than seeking them elsewhere. That in itself led to a lot of saving, which made it the perfect time to save your expenses for home renovations. Many clients come to us with an old home with dreams of renovating it to fit into newer systems. Spatial and structural modification of housing need to meet client requirements by accommodating technological, cultural and economic changes that occur over time.

3D Render Samples

Villa Design by Hamed Zubaid and Mona AlBaghli showing terrace lighting and division

Multi-terrace plan shows several outdoor sitting areas, where separate activities can take place simultaneously. Floor lights are installed around the balcony areas to encourage night activities. Other than bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens (functional spaces) terraces adhere to the specific lifestyles of the occupants.

Flooring and Lighting design in a private villa by Dar Hamed Zubaid and Mona AlBaghli

The use of green colored terrazzo floorings are also specific to client and occupant tastes. With a variety of colors to choose from, in this specific living room, the pop of color creates a sense of vibrancy and liveliness within the space. Beauty in design is just as essential as functionality.

Flooring and Lighting design in a private villa by Dar Hamed Zubaid and Mona AlBaghli

Bedrooms are spaces that always turn out to be very specific to client’s needs. Selection of Parquet floorings makes the bedroom feel warmer, with profile lights and wood louvres on the wall. Instead of the inclusion of floor lamps and table lamps, profile light strips are installed on the wall being the bed for switch on/off light switches for a dimmer ambience.

What are you waiting for?

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