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Imercrea Stone Cladding featured at hōm interiors Kuwait - available by order

Featured Product: Imercrea

Say hello to Imercrea stone cladding, one of our favorite to use (especially in Kuwait!)

Imercrea is a stone which we love working with when we are looking to achieve a high end looking structure. It is an engineered cement based limestone that is made using Italian limestone SENT, imported directly from Southern Italian Quarries. As a result of their cutting-edge technology, Imercrea stone cladding is the perfect combination of a beautiful, natural stone with physical and mechanical properties.

Why do we love this stone you ask? Well, we love Imercrea because Imercrea stone cladding never disappoints! Here is why:

First and foremost, Imercea has a low water absorption making it resistant to rainy weather conditions. This means, that you will not need to worry about staining from the rain!

Second, It cultivates a consistent color and structure throughout the years. I can not stress enough how important this is in a country like Kuwait. This is important because it means our sandstorms will not ruin the color of your cladding!

Thirdly, Its production process requires advanced mechanical properties that solidify the stone.

Due to it being a line of stone that is inspired by nature and high performance results, we love working with Imercrea for exterior stone cladding. It is sustainable and friendly to our future. 

Lets talk Imercrea stone cladding vs the environment!

Backed by 25 years of experience of production for interiors and exteriors, and a 30.000 square meters modern factory in the South of Italy; Imercrea is an “eco friendly project” for the building of the future. Its basis of production is inspired by the concept of green construction; mixing environmental values and raw materials.

“Respect for the origins of natural stones and their characteristics”

“Continuous dedication to research and innovation”

Imercrea’s mission statement

In respect to the environment; Imercrea stones contain a high percentage of natural SENT, obtained from crushed debris from ITALIAN quarries. This makes the stone free of hazardous chemicals, epoxy resins or non-recyclable remains, which is great for our environment!

Imercrea stone cladding around the world

Imercrea has been used in a wide range of projects all around the world. From VIP villas to hospitals and even government buildings, Imercrea has worked with a wide range of prestigious clients and successful designers.

Imercrea’s success is due to many factors like the state of their technological systems. Some other factors are their careful supply selection, the availability they provide to their customer as well as their openness to any project size.

Working with Imercrea, we receive quick responses, cost friendly results and effective delivery timings for small and large orders; proven to be reliable. 

Project shown in the above images is a private villa by Hamed Zubaid and Mona Al Baghli Architects

If it’s time to pre-plan your finishing materials, give us a call and let us help you get the perfect materials for your space!

We offer you a wide selection of great quality materials with high value to suit your needs.

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