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Silver Travertine featured at hōm interiors Kuwait - available by order

Featured Product: Silver Travertine

We just LOVE using Silver Travertine (especially in Kuwait and it’s harsh weather!), read on to know why!

Did you know?

100,000 cubic meters of travertine stone stand at The Colosseum in Rome, which still stands today. This monumental structure was completed in 80 AD, more than 1940 years ago! Still, the travertine stands, a stone that has beaten the test of time, in durability and style!

Travertine’s durability goes back to its place of origin, the hot springs of cotton palace in Pamukkale Denizli, Turkey; known for its waterfalls, and hot natural pools. The secret is the precipitation of calcium carbonate found around these springs, which form travertine as a result! The calcium carbonate material also makes travertine absorb water quickly, which also makes it great for elevations and outdoor spaces.

Throughout time Silver travertine has become a practical choice for interior and exterior spaces. Silver Travertine adds a luxurious touch to contemporary homes, which makes it very appealing. This luxurious touch is a result of travertine’s similar aesthetic to marble. In addition to its look, travertine is also more affordable and requires less maintenance than some other stones like marble. And let’s not forget how weather resistant Silver Travertine is, which makes it great here in Kuwait.

Each tile and paver is distinctive to its organically formed texture and pattern. Silver travertine generally have natural cool tones that include a mixture of blues, grays and whites. Monochromatic cooler tones are versatile and make it easier to style your space without having to worry about clashing colors.

Project shown above and below designed by one of the leading Kuwaiti architectural firms, Hamed Zubaid and Mona Al Baghli Architects

Silver travertine is practical and can look great in any space when used well!

Where can you use Silver Travertine you ask?

Well, you can use it anywhere you like!

First, let’s talk about your indoor spaces. Generally, you could use the for your flooring and walls. Then you could look at the different usages within a space, like your kitchens and bathrooms. In your kitchen, consider your counters and backsplashes, while in the bathroom, consider your counters, shower walls and tiles!

Next, let’s look at the outdoor spaces. With its beautiful look and high durability and weather resistance, we love the use of silver travertine for elevations. Other great places to use it would be your courtyard stone pavement, pool area pavement, garage flooring, and exterior wall cladding.

Now, let’s not forget Due to its non-slip surface and water resistance, silver travertine is perfect for swimming pool and wet areas. It somehow manages to make a swimming pool look much more inviting as it bounces off the blue pool water.

Travertine has adapted itself into many homes, halls, monumental buildings, museums and more.

The next time you go for a walk, challenge yourself;

Look closely at the buildings and floors around you!

Can you find travertine?

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