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Zero Track by Flos - homkw

Featured Product: Zero Track by Flos

Item: Zero Track, Surface Mounted Track System

Brand: Flos

Do you love the idea of a track light system but you’re not ready to break down your ceiling in order to get one? Then you NEED the Zero Track by Flos!

Zero Track by Flos is a track light system that is mounted on the surface of your ceiling/wall. With a body that is just 17 mm wide and 7 mm high, it is so small and thin that it gives off the look of being recessed. 

Our number one reason for LOVING this track light? You do not need to cut into your ceiling/wall! This is useful in many situations. For example, if you are living in a place where you do not have permission to cut into the ceiling, you can use Zero Track to mimic the recessed track light look! It is also useful in situations where you do not have enough space for a traditional recessed track light system. Like any other track light system, Zero Track by Flos offers a wide range of luminaires. These luminaires give the flexibility of different beam angles (how wide the light spreads) as well as different options of dimming. Also like other track light systems, you have the flexibility to adjust your luminaires as required.

Check it out here!

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