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Five Reasons We Love Parquet

Five Reasons we LOVE Parquet

Parquet is a material that has been used since the late 1600s in a diverse range of spaces from homes, shops and even basketball courts! While some may think that it is outdated, parquet flooring will never go out of style. With the right quality and color, you can pair it with any modern or classic home. It has an urbane look that equals all lifestyles and tastes as it can be coupled with several furniture styles. Parquet can also coexist beautifully with other materials in people’s spaces. From the projects we have worked on, we see many clients joining parquet with terrazzo counters, or marble walls to diversify their spaces. Here are five reasons we LOVE parquet:

Easy to Clean

For all those clean fanatics, Parquet is one of the best options when it comes to maintaining cleanliness around the home as it does not accumulate a lot of dirt, dust and debris. Generally, parquet should be dry cleaned with a mop, broom or vacuum cleaner. Thats it!


Parquet flooring is incredibly tough & can handle heavy footfall in all environments. It is strong and can often offer an incredibly long lifespan with everyday use. While it is very heavy duty, you can also refresh your parquet by oiling it every once in a while.


Parquet is available in a wide range of colors, styles, stains, patterns & finishes. This makes it great in any space, even if you have a very specific direction or color scheme in your interior design.

Gives Warmth

Wood is an essential element in making a house feel warmer especially since it comes from nature. Haven’t you ever thought about why all cozy cabins are made of wood and use parquet floors? Parquet gives any space a warm feeling that makes you feel at home.

Timeless Appeal

Evidently, Parquet flooring has a timeless appeal. While it might not be the biggest trend on the market; it is a trend that will always be around. Being a trend that started back in the 1600’s is proof of this, as still today we see parquet in a huge number of spaces everyday.

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