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Floor Lamps by Italamp - available at homkw.com

Floor Lamps by Italamp

Decorative floor lamps play a big role in unifying spaces. Light play can really set the mood for creating comfortable living spaces. Floor lamps fit best when placed on either side of a couch or corner of a room. Read on below to see some of our favorite floor lamps by Italamp!

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We have a large collection of decorative lighting options on our website. Although we do not offer direct ordering through our website, you may browse the pieces and enquire on your favorite picks upon adding to “enquiry cart” where you will receive a response from us within 24 hours.

Since 1975 Italamp built its awareness and reputation in the decorative lighting market, standing out with high quality products and a unique design collective. With a consistency for new shapes, blending classic and modern styles with finely crafted materials Italamp will never fail to surprise. See below some of our favorite pieces from Italamp!

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Aria Floor Lamp by Italamp

Aria Floor Lamp by Italamp

Adjustable floor lamp in metal with matt black, chrome and brushed with a gold finish. A fabric diffuser available in White/Gold inside and Black/Gold inside. This piece is suitable for livings spaces over large lounging couches. To assert a certain ambience, this light can be dimmed to preferred option. Aria Floor lamp is designed to extend over sitting areas to enhance lounging activities.


Width: 210 cm

Height: Adjustable to 200 cm max

Depth: 50 cm

Baffo Floor Lamp by Italamp

Baffo Floor Lamp by Italamp

Floor lamp in metal with matt black finish. Includes a brown glass diffuser with a faded titanium metal finish. Available in three different colors; white, iron gray, and light gold. This piece can be placed in bedrooms and living areas, to create lighting mood shifts, with a dimmable feature. Due to its cone-like shape, Baffo Floor lamp could be an essential tool for reading, writing, or focused tasks.


Width: 80 cm

Height: 180 cm

Depth: 32 cm

Alfredo Floor Lamp by Italamp

Alfredo Floor Lamp by Italamp

Floor lamp in metal with satin gold finish, teak crystal details and black fabric shade, also available in ivory. This piece is designed with a much more classical approach than the previous two lines. Also Suitable for bedroom and livings paces. Also dimmable, the Alfredo floor lamp takes us back to the classics!


Diameter: 45 cm

Height: 175 cm

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