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Lighting Design in Kuwait - homkw.com

hōm interiors Lighting Design Services in Kuwait

Why Lighting Design?

With the growth in popularity around lighting design interest in Kuwait, we thought we would help you learn why it is so important and how we can help!

Lighting design and installment in architectural and interior design is essential when it comes to spatial design. In helping architecture achieve its true purpose, lighting enhances the way we understand architecture. At hōm interiors we provide lighting layout, lighting supply, and lighting selection. To start, Pre-plan your spaces and place an order 3-6 months in advance for a wide selection of high-quality materials at an excellent rate.

Lighting Types Available: Outdoor Lighting | Spot Lights | Wall Lights | Profiles, Tracks, and Coves | Ceiling Lamps | Floor Lamps | Table Lamps | Suspension Lamps

Supplier Brands: Flos | Ares | Italamp | Kundalini | One Light | Vk | Vimar

Ceiling Lighting – Circle of Light by Flos
Suspension Lamps - by One Light - homkw.com
Suspension Lamps – by One Light
Spot Light - Anthony Downlight by Flos - homkw.com
Spot Light – Anthony Downlight by Flos – homkw.com
Outdoor Lighting - Outgraze by Flos
Outdoor Lighting – Outgraze by Flos
Wall Lamp - Step by Italamp - homkw.com
Wall Lamp – Step by Italamp
Floor Lamp - Bossanova by Italamp - homkw.com
Floor Lamp – Bossanova by Italamp
Tracks and Profiles - Running Magnet by FLos - homkw.com
Tracks and Profiles – Running Magnet by FLos – homkw.com
Table Lamp - Caterina by Italamp - homkw.com
Table Lamp – Caterina by Italamp

The Design Process

Are you looking for lighting design in Kuwait? We create working drawings that suit the lighting plan, in which we consider air conditioning vents, furniture, and interior décor. Firstly, upon meeting with the client, we look at the house or apartment plans and assume where we can include lighting. With many options to choose from, different spaces require different lighting types. Lighting options differ depending on interior and décor requirements, for an example indoor and outdoor lighting options will be differ due to opposing functional and decorative needs. The good news is, with hōm lighting supply is unlimited for indoor, outdoor, architectural and interior spaces.

Within the design process, we work closely with clients in order to allow them to understand the direction. Therefore, working drawings help to show lighting spots in the most descriptive manner. In most cases, the client is looking to include architectural and decorative lighting for ceilings, walls and floor décor within the given structure.

Lighting design services in Kuwait

Basement Floor Plan

As shown, different lighting types are exposed in different colors and symbols listed under “general legend”. This allows the designer to thoroughly explain the design plan to the client in the most simple and readable way. In thats sense, you do not have to be a designer in order to comprehend the working drawings.

Lighting design services in Kuwait

Ground Floor Plan

Each floor plan includes a symbol, code and description for each light. Color is to differentiate between the location of the light whether it is a ceiling, wall or floor light. This project includes numerous types of lights.

Ceiling lights: Lights that hang or are installed from the ceiling. Can be either decorative, or architectural. Such a spot lights, cove lights, and pendants.

Wall Lights: Lights that are illuminated from the walls, either decorative or profile. Usually appear in hallways and walkways.

Floor Lights: Those that serve to light up corners, walls, but illuminating in an upward direction from the floor. As well as decorative lamps. In the outdoor area, floor lamps are used on stairs to highlight steps during the night time.

To ensure project success, frequent meetings are held with clients to review and improve the design process. We have had clients in the past that have already come with a design plan, and only need the supply of the lighting. In this process we aim to be flexible and cooperative, willing to help you design your spaces to ultimate completion. We believe in the power of light, and its role in enhancing living experiences.

Your final quotation

After the design phase, we begin with writing up the quotation for the design, supply and delivery of materials. Pricing depends on the types of brands chosen for the project. We select brands that adhere to the clients budget. Generally, we provide high quality materials, that come with warrantee, supervision and free follow ups for any damages and fixes. We have had experience in numerous projects with different sizes; smaller quotations for smaller villas and even one floor projects.

Our Lighting Services

Are you ready to work on you lighting design in Kuwait? Contact us now!

Our goal at h ō m interiors, is to achieve balance between functionality and illumination.

Call us on +96592298018 or book a consultation now!

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