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hom interiors x the lazy terrazzo

hōm interiors x the lazy terrazzo

Shadan Al Hamdan - prnt. - the lazy terrazzo - my city streets

Meet Shadan, a 24-year-old entrepreneur with a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from Kuwait University (2019). While she is a Civil Engineer by degree, Shadan’s passion lays in the world of design.

In 2016, Shadan co-founded prnt. where she currently works full time. It is a multi-purpose creative outlet that designs and produces stationery and lifestyle products. In support of the design community, prnt. also showcases regional talent by collaborating with individuals who partake in the design processes.

“My love for photography, typography and design is what makes my job at prnt. so exciting!”

On anther note, Shadan’s chosen medium of expression is photography. She started street photography in 2017 and lately, finds herself gravitating towards film photography. 

the lazy terrazzo - handmade with love

So what caught our attention at hom interiors when we saw the lazy terrazzo?

Shadan’s love for creating! When she recently experimented with Terrazzo making, she instantly found a liking to it. This gave her the need to learn more about the process, which later led her to begin her most recent and growing project ‘The Lazy Terrazzo’. She began this concept in the month of April 2021, when Kuwait set up a covid curfew.

“At that point in time I didn’t know if this was going to be just a side hobby to keep me busy or if this going to be a full-on business where I would actually sell my handcrafted items.”

While her stays at home fed her creative juices, she taught herself by watching several DIY terrazzo videos. These videos inspired her to research and gather her materials. The first few weeks of the project were spent experimenting, tool hunting, and practicing her craft. After receiving positive responses from her followers on @mycitystreets_ she was motivated to launch her brand ‘The Lazy Terrazzo’. 

“I was so amused by the process and how you can literally create different shapes, colors and sizes all on your own!”

Since Terrazzo is eco-friendly, making it at home can be quite fun! It is sustainable, so producing it is not harmful to the environment. While different terrazzo’s contain different types of chips (gypsum, marble, quartz, granite and recycled glass); Shadan has experimented with the gypsum method and planning on trying others in the future.

the lazy terrazzo. handmade, at home, with love

The Process!

Every piece is made locally and crafted with love and care, no piece looks exactly like the other. 

Day 1: Create the mix for the colored terrazzo chips and break them into tiny pieces. Mix the cement and terrazzo chips and then pour them into the mold and leave to set for 24 hours. 

Day 2/3: De mold the piece, sand it and seal it! 

Interview with Shadan from the lazy terrazzo:

What are some difficulties you faced during the process?

When I was doing research online, I faced some difficulties in finding specific materials that weren’t available in Kuwait. In order to succeed in this process there were many trials and errors. The learning process has allowed me to make mistakes in which I would fix after every session. I didn’t realize how much time and effort it takes to create one piece.

I needed to balance the rest of my schedule, to space out my sessions and to work at my own pace. Since terrazzo making is a form of art expression, I made a mental note in my head that I would only work in the following cases; when I was in the mood for it or if I needed to channel my energy into something positive. I did not want it to feel like an obligation or chore; because I truly loved the process and wanted the excitement to stay forever!

If you could give advice to anyone who is considering starting their own business, what would you tell them?

Do lots of research before going into anything but don’t let the research phase discourage you or delay you from actually starting what you want to pursue. Sometimes all you need to do is dive into things and learn from your mistakes. The trial-and-error method is definitely more beneficial in my opinion. 

What’s truly important though, is that you do something you love and enjoy. If you don’t, you won’t give it your 110%. Many people are hard workers and can learn to do something even If they don’t like it; when you are truly passionate about something, you will give it more time and energy. It will be all you think about and you will always want to improve and push yourself to do bigger and greater things!

hom interiors x the lazy terrazzo collaboration!

As terrazzo lovers, we believe in supporting the work of local crafters who see the beauty in home décor and accessories. We are very optimistic about our collaboration with Shadan on terrazzo furniture. We will be working together to create side tables from scratch. From creating sketches, mood boards, measurements and 3D renders we are working together to construct interesting pieces in which Shadan will partake in by adding her process of building the Terrazzo piece itself. We are excited to see the outcome so stay tuned for hom interiors x the lazy terrazzo!

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