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Interior design solutions by hōm interiors Kuwait - www.homkw.com

Interior Design Solutions by hōm interiors

Why Design?

Why is it that we stress about picking the right material, furniture, color, and lighting for our spaces? Well, it’s because Interior design shapes how we experience the spaces that we live, work, and rest in. Why should we choose to get help with our Interior Design Solutions? Because, interior designers help to enhance those experiences by making spaces look and feel healthier. At hōm interiors Kuwait, we provide full interior design solutions for all and any space!

Bedroom interior design solution by hōm interiors Kuwait - www.homkw.com

Why chose hōm interiors when looking for Interior Design Solutions in Kuwait?

At hōm, we believe that every space should reflect its inhabitant. We aim to curate spaces that are humanistic and satisfy our clients’ lifestyle, budget, and functionality needs. We offer interior design services for residential and commercial projects.

First, we meet the client! Then, we study the clients’ preferences in color, walk path and materials. We then create manual drawings for furniture layout, lighting design, flooring options and wall cladding. After that, we review the designs with the client and make edits as required until we reach an approved design!

What is the importance of a Mood Board when preparing interior design solutions?

The main purpose of a mood board is to understand what style the client is looking to achieve. This is achieved by organizing the clients’ inspiration photos. This step allows the client is to present their vision. Once this is done, the interior designer can study the details and look for products and materials that suit the client’s mood board. Inspiration images are extremely important to keep the style and aesthetic of the project consistent with the requirements. Once the designer makes a basic selection for the client, the moodboard will start evolving to include the actual pieces chosen. This means that while the original moodboard is the inspiration for the project, there will be changes based off the original moodboard.

Things to keep in mind when preparing your mood board:

  1. The function of the space being designed
  2. The Feeling you want this space to give 
  3. Colors and materials to portray the energy you want to exert
  4. Important light features you can add to this space
  5. What type of furniture pieces you want to include in this space

Creating a mood board is an ongoing process of communication between the interior designer and the client. During this process, the designer will bounce back with ideas, suggestions and products they recommend. While ready made pieces are common, some clients may wish to customize furniture pieces. This is a service we provide and pay great attention to in order to achieve the clients’ wishes. 

3D Models

To ensure the happiness of our clients, we present them with 3D models and Virtual Reality 360-view renders once the initial designs have been approved. Why do we provide this service? Because it allows the designer to finalize the space requirements and the client to visualize their progress in creating this space. 3D renders are a potent tool for interior designers to effectively communicate designs to the client. Three-dimensional visualization also allow the interior designer to convey whether manual selections and drawings are attainable and aesthetically pleasing to the client. Providing the client with a “real feel” 3D render, also allows the client to easily visualize how their spaces will look.

What about Budget?

When it comes to budgeting, pricing heavily depends on the size and style of the project; Classic, Contemporary or Scandinavian. Our clients usually come into the project with a budget in mind, depicting the type of brands and materials we chose for the project. Therefore, high-end projects and commercial spaces can be expected to haver bigger costs than smaller or lower-end projects.

Previous Interior Design Solutions in Kuwait

The Bedroom Project

The bedroom series; designed for a client’s villa by hz.mb architects. The idea was to create bedrooms that follow the same theme, which in return would give the home a consistent interior direction. The project followed a contemporary style and used lighter pastel colors, palleted with white, beige, and grey. Due to the selection, this project exerted a neutral atmosphere designed to imitate hotel room consistency in style with flooring, lighting, doors and cabinets.

What are you waiting for?

If it’s time to pre-plan your interiors, give us a call and let us help you get that perfect space you’re looking for!

Call us on +96592298018 or book a consultation now!

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