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What is Profile Lighting

Know Your Lights – Profile Lighting!

What is profile lighting you ask?

The simple answer:

A system installed in, on or from your ceiling that gives a big flush of lighting and provides a well lit area.

While this simple answer explains the basic function of profiles, profile lights can be used in many ways to enhance your spaces. For example, many people commonly use them in task areas like kitchens, dressing rooms, and above work stations to give adequate lighting for the task at hand. Many also use profiles as more of a decorative method of lighting to create contrast and gain a viewers attention. An example of this is when people place recessed profile lights in their walls running from the ceiling to the floor. Then there’s also people who like to use profile lights all over their space as their main source of lighting.

Of course, like any other lighting system, there are different options when selecting your profile lights. You have different sizes, installation requirements, color temperatures, dimmer vs non dimmer and many more options to chose from! So if it’s time to pre-plan your lighting, your should first be sure of the effects you want your lighting to give off. Once you know, selecting your profiles to suit your needs will prove to be a much simpler task!

Moonline Profile Lighting by Flos - at homkw     In-Finity Profile Lighting by Flos - homkw     In-Finity Profile Lighting by Flos - homkw

Shown above
*Moonline by Flos – Linear profile  recessed in the wall for decorative purposes*
*In-Finity by Flos – Linear profile installed on the ceiling to provide adequate lighting to workstations*
*In-Finity by Flos – Linear profile hanging from the ceiling as the main source of lighting in one space*

If it’s time to pre-plan your lighting and you’re still asking: What are profile lights?

Give us a call and let us help you plan the perfect lighting for your space!

Our goal at h ō m interiors, is to achieve balance between functionality and illumination.

Our services fall under three categories:

  1. Pre-sales [Layout design, Selection, Project budgeting]
  2. Post-sales [Site Coordination, Installation supervision]
  3. Post Installation [Customer services]

Call us on +96592298018 or book a consultation now!

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