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Marble types available from hōm interiors kuwait

Know Your Materials

Is it time to start selecting the materials that will reflect your taste in your spaces? If you answered yes, GREAT! Read on to know your materials and be able to make the right selections!

Natural finishing materials are widely popularized as statements of design for interior and architectural spaces. Natural surfaces make wonderful companions to indoor and outdoor areas like halls, living rooms, bedrooms and wall decoration. With such surfaces, design has no limits.

hōm offers a wide selection of materials which have been carefully handpicked to innovate your spaces. Our materials are shipped directly from Europe in the amount and size you need. But before making your selection, we would like to educate you on these materials and what they can offer to your space.


Parquet is wood flooring made from solid hardwood material which is assembled  in parallel and geometric patterns. The outcome of parquet installment gives an organic feel to any space. It is fascinating asset for different spaces, with an ability to satisfy any modern or classical space.

The wooden pieces are composed of a top layer of solid oak hardwood with crosshatched layers in between to avoid warping. It is available in several color variations and is treated with a UV oil finish to enhance the warm appeal of real wood. This also contributes to the maintenance of color and smooth textures, preserving the wood and keeping it durable for several years. 

We supply parquet in a wide range of colors and finishes. Our parquet comes from Roussetos factory in Greece, whom we have partnered with to custom make each order to be shipped directly from the factory to the client.


When used properly, Marble can draw the eye to a focal point in a room, adding elegance and appeal to any given space. Whilst maintaining longevity and resistance to heat; Marble surfaces are durable, affordable, and distinct. When working with marble, you may be faced with several beautiful surfaces to work with; which can be easily combined together to add and exclusive touch to your space.


If you’re looking for another durable alternative to ceramic, marble and stone tiles, terrazzo tiles might be exactly what you need! Terrazzo is a composite material, poured as a precast, that can be used for flooring and wall installments. It is made up of several substances that work together to create beautiful and unique surfaces and textures. Within the material, there are pieces of marble, quartz, and glass which are all held together with cement, making it an exotic choice.
Like most marble and stone materials, terrazzo will last for over a century. It is non slippery and water resistant making it an ideal choice for bathroom floorings.

Stone Cladding

Imercrea engineered exterior stone wall cladding is another essential stone that we love! It strongly protects the structure of a building from unexpected
whether damages, as well as noise and temperature control. It functions as the outer layer of the outside of a building, keeping it safe from hazardous conditions. Exterior stone cladding also adds improvements to aesthetic appeal, since there are different textures and colors to choose from, it is versatile, low
maintenance and extremely durable.

At hōm you can find a wide range of Marble & Stone sourced directly from our partner Quarries and factories in Italy, where orders can be cut and custom made by design requirements, to be shipped directly to our client.



Check out our Terrazzo color options here!

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    June 16, 2021

    Good afternoon, I’m searching for a dark gray exterior stone cladding with rough finish ( looks like natural stone) for a project , do you have any advice regarding this issue and off course it would be available in Kuwait .

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      June 16, 2021

      Hello Amany, thanks for reaching out! We do have gray exterior cladding but our sales team would be able to help you better.
      Kindly contact us on +965 9229 8018 or info@homkw.com

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