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LED Pendant Lights by One Light

LED pendant lights by One Light available at hōm interiors Kuwait - www.homkw.com

So, what’s the catch?

One-Light is a manufacturer for high quality technical lighting in modern design at affordable prices. We are always up to date with their latest products, handpicking our favorites for our clients. These here are some of our favorite LED Pendant Lights by One Light.

In 2020 they released a special line of decorative lights in LED Pendants Rings and LED Swirl Range. They consist of Metal and Steel with built-in LED and electrical gear to hang from the ceiling. 

Trust us when we say that, you can never go wrong with this selection of lights, as they truly illuminate your space elegantly. As decorative lights, they function perfectly when lighting directly what is beneath them. They also can generally extend into the outer spaces of the room, away from the light.

This selection of pendants are not dimmable. However, they perform a subtle exposure even when all other lights are turned off.

*All the pieces are available to order on +965 92298018 *

LED pendant lights by One Light available at hōm interiors Kuwait - www.homkw.com

LED Pendant Ring Lights

Circular shaped pendant rings that appear to be floating in the air due to having very thin electrical gear, barely visibly to the human eye. They come in a variety of different widths and sizes; they are made with a diameter between 60cm to 100cm, allowing the freedom to choose the size that is most applicable to your space. Alternatively, you may even pair the Pendant rings together in the same way show in the image, to amplify the room lighting, and unify rigid spaces with contrasting circular floaters. There are also differing color options between white, black and gold, and a choosing of whether or not the LED light is illuminating from within the inner line of the circle or the outer line.

LED pendant lights by One Light available at hōm interiors Kuwait - www.homkw.com

LED Swirl Pendant Light Range

Circular pattern overlapping shape floating in the air. The LED Swirl Range come in very interesting shapes and designs. Sizes will vary depending on the design chosen. Each Lamp contains a unique knot-like shape exerting a swirl effect. The shape is likely to flow into spaces creating a very euphoric feel to the space, with subtle illumination. The lighting effect gives off the illusion that there is movement, but in reality, there isn’t. This next image shows the swirl is used to amplify the basement living area with a diameter of 82 cm, where casual get-togethers take place with family and friends. In such scenarios, the swirl is perfect for when you are aiming to curate a low dim space with focus lighting in the center of the room.

LED pendant lights by One Light available at hōm interiors Kuwait - www.homkw.com

There are several swirl shapes to choose from depending on the style of your space. In the scenario of these next images, another shape of the swirl series is used in our home show room and office spaces, where it is also paired with some of our LED pendant rings. This piece is built with a diameter of 75 cm. Now how lovely is that?

Our Lighting Services

Are you looking for LED Pendant Lights? Give us a call and let us help you plan the perfect lighting for your space!

Our goal at h ō m interiors, is to achieve balance between functionality and illumination.

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