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lighting and love - homkw

Lighting and Love

What do lighting design and love have in common? Thats a question you may be asking yourself. The answer is, they both feel like home.

Light is love and heat is compassion. Light creates warmth and love feels warm.

Why do they always say, follow the light? Light is inviting, What better way to welcome your guests than with the tool of lighting.

Lighting and Love - homkw

Why is lighting important in design?

What is light? Light is commonly referred to electromagnetic radiation that can be detected by the human eye. It is emitted by hot objects like lasers, bulbs and the sun. Light contains energy. Scientifically, the definition of light seems so simple, but It has adopted newer meanings in design, art, and philosophy. So, what really is light? And how do we humans interact with it in such a way that beautifies our lives?

Light is deeply relevant in human lives. In the absence of light, humans would live in complete darkness. Light allows humans to experience reality and interpret its beauty. With that being said, light can be used as a tool to make your home feel warmer, and more loving.

Lighting and Love - homkw

In this image, Lighting fixtures are installed on the floors to enhance outdoor lighting but also fixated on the columns, bringing out the beauty and architectural details of the columns.

Lighting and Love

The feeling of looking at a sunset, the colors that emerge from the scenery allow light to become associated with creation. It is a symbol of warmth, sensuality, intellectual and spiritual enlightenment.

When it is dark, we cannot observe or recognize anything, however with light, we can determine what surrounds us. In design, lighting is a tool that brings out architecture features. During the day, we get most of our light from sunlight. During the night outdoor lighting fixtures are installed to enhance architectural shape, color, and spatial design. Regarding indoor lighting, it is a tool that enhances furniture, corridors, halls, and even accessories.

Direct and active lighting creates a charged atmosphere, however dim and indirect lighting creates a more intimate space to encourage relaxation, unwinding activity. In design, choice of lighting should be based on the overall concept of the space it will be fixed in.

How does lighting play a role in home interior design?

First and foremost, lighting is critical in home spaces because it has functional purpose, but that is not the only main factor about it. On a second note, lighting adds beauty and a very important “wow” factor to your spaces. It amplifies architectural and special features and furnishings around the home. Lighting design must be curated carefully as it also has the power to enhance the size, scope, color, and mood of your spaces. Lighting is a tool to enrich spaces around the house where activities take place.

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