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Materials! Let’s go back to basics!

Let’s take a short trip down memory lane… Going back the basics, this blog post will reflect on some of the most popular interior materials and their diverse uses in spaces. Whether you’re traveling for the summer or staying home, a least make your staycation a comfortable one. Any new summer renovations and changes within the house?

Start by selecting materials that reflect your personal taste in spaces. Natural finishing materials are very popular statements in design for interior and architectural spaces. These natural surfaces are great additions to exotifying your indoor and outdoor areas. At hom, we offer a wide selection of materials such as parquet, marble, terrazzo, and stone cladding.

materials parquet - homkw.com

Parquet Materials

Parquet installment can be very versatile in your home as there is not just one way to use it, but several. It can be assembled in parallel and geometric patterns, exerting an organic and grounded feel to any space. Parquet works wonders in living rooms and bedrooms topped with a contrast of beautiful carpets to balance the space. Light colored parquet used in this render, in a zig zag pattern. In contrast with the color pink, it adds a sense of calmness to the aesthetic of the room.

materials marble - homkw.com

Marble Materials

When used properly, marble can draw the eye to any focal point in a room, adding elegance and a luxurious appeal to any given space, modern or classic. It is durable and can add a sense of cool to heated areas. Marble is durable and affordable, making it a great use for bathroom floors, walls, and kitchen areas, as it is also water resistant. 

materials terrazzo - homkw.com

Terrazzo Materials

Another durable alternative to ceramic, marble, and stone tiles is terrazzo, recently making a comeback in interior trends. It is way funkier to look at, adding edge and flare to your spaces, creating a younger lofty feel. Terrazzo is a great addition for spaces with transparency and large windows.

materials stone cladding - homkw.com

Stone Cladding Materials

Stone cladding is another essential stone that we love, mostly used as an exterior coating for the exterior of a building. It protects the building from weather damages, temperature, and water. 

What are you waiting for?

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