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New year, new home

New year, new home?

In 2021, hōm interiors followed the saying of new year, new home! We underwent some major changes besides that we finally expanded our services online! The launch of our new website has allowed us to adapt to efficient ways of specifying, selecting and supplying, moreover making it easier for you to get in-touch, browse our products, and plan for your spaces.

What did going online do for us in 2021?

With the increase of COVID-19 cases, lifestyle changes, and routine restrictions hōm expanded its services online. As a result, this decision has allowed us to connect and integrate resourcefully, allowing clients to inquire, shop from stocked products, pre-order shipments, and partake in online consultation design services. In the same way, we were able to connect with our clients and followers by posting blog content on the latest trends, projects, services, and featured products. The online shift motivated us to re-design our logo by removing our old brackets and going from [hōm] to just hōm – to initiate openness, expansion, and a wider clientele.

Let us look back at some of our previous blog posts to see what we’ve covered in 2021 and forecast what to expect for 2022!

imercrea stone cladding - homkw.com


Trendy Terrazzo – Its eco-friendly, durable, versatile, cost effective and comes in a variety of colors. Learn more about the latest terrazzo trends by viewing our blog post from last year here.

Imercrea Stone – A material we loved working with this year, as it achieved high-end looking structures. It cultivates a consistent color a structure throughout the years. It is water resistant, making it suitable for winter rains, as well as dry sand storm weather. Learn more about the Imercrea Stone trend here.

Dali by Italamp at homkw.com

Featured Products!

Click on the name of the product for more info about it.

The Dali Pendant & The New Dali Pendant – Inspired by Spanish born artist who paints and embodies a surrealist lifestyle. The result of this pendant light series represents originally and an outstanding peculiarity, that will surely beautify your spaces. Designed by Nava + Arosio for the brand Italamp.

The Caterina Lamp – A decorative lamp with a distinctive design available as a floor lamp, table lamp, and wall lamp.

LED Pendant Lights by One Light – A special line of decorative lights in LED Pendant rings and LED swirl range for areas that require center decorative pieces.

Kushi Line by Kundalini – Original pieces suitable for contemporary living spaces, resembling poetry, beauty and functionality.

Terrazzo San Marco at homkw.com


Lighting project for Private Villa which includes architectural, decorative, LED strip, and overall general lighting. To see this project click here. (ps. this client also planned for a new year with a new home!)

Private Chalet in Khiran Kuwait which includes an “all over” terrazzo installation and beautiful lighting details. It includes outdoor/courtyard lighting, interior lighting, floor lighting and double height chandeliers. To see this project click here.

new year, plan your new hom with homkw.com

So what’s up for 2022?


This year we emphasize the importance of pre-planning and the necessary steps of meeting your interior needs.

  1. Create a vision for your home
  2. Browse through a wide selection of materials and lighting
  3. Create renderings for your interior/exterior plans
  4. Finalize a budget
  5. Order materials and lighting at least 6-months before you need them
  6. Get ready to innovate your space!
new year, plan your new home with homkw.com

Lighting Design Services

Lighting design interest is growing rapidly in Kuwait. In fact, At hōm we can make can bring your vision closer to reality. To know more about the step to step process of our lighting services, click here.

This year we aim to create spaces that make people feel happier, safer, and more sociable. In that case, harmony and movement within spaces is essential to fulfilling human activities to work, play, create and rest. Designing spaces that are optimal and spatially flexibly to adhere to social and environmental changes. Look at our blog on Design Functionality and Spatial Flexibility.

The New Italamp Spotlights – Our newest featured product, if your bored of seeing the same type of spotlights everywhere, then you must check these out!

Our Services

Are you ready to work on pre-planning your new home? Contact us now!

Our goal at h ō m interiors, is to achieve balance between functionality and design.

Call us on +96592298018 or book a consultation now!

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