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Outdoor Lighting Design at hōm interiors Kuwait

Outdoor Lighting Design

At hōm interiors, part of our lighting services revolve around creating spatial utility, functionality, and aesthetic. In providing outdoor lighting, we increase outdoor functionality and space use during the night-time. Why stay cooped up inside when you can optimize your spaces with exterior lighting? Evidently, there are several ways we provide outdoor lighting but for this specific project there were two ways that we implemented outdoor lighting; functionality and beauty.

Functionality of outdoor lighting design

Increasing productivity and use of outdoor activities at night with the placement of outdoor lighting is on steps, elevated surfaces, and walkways to ensure safe and comfortable movement between spaces.

Beauty and Aesthetic of outdoor lighting design  

To capture design details and enhance architectural beauty, outdoor lighting illuminated aesthetic and embody overall design. Lighting plays a big role in beautifying spaces and allowing them to speak for themselves. For this project, classic inspired villa approach becomes modernized though lighting.

Outdoor Lighting Design at hōm interiors Kuwait

This image shows outdoor lighting implemented for functional and aesthetic purposes. In-ground up lights used encourage direction and movement within spaces; as shown on walkway and stairs. Architectural beauty is enhanced on structure walls, surfaces and design aesthetics; as shown on pillars, columns, and other general lighting.

Outdoor Lighting Design at hōm interiors Kuwait

Imercrea stone surfaces on columns and pillars are further enhanced and beautified with illuminative lighting to beautify such architectural detailing.

Our Lighting Services

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Our goal at h ō m interiors, is to achieve balance between functionality and illumination.

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