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Planning your Interiors – Interior Design Solutions

So, you’re ready to start planning your interiors?

If you answered yes, keep reading! If you answered no, also keep reading, it’s good information for when you do start planning your interiors!

When planning the interiors of your spaces, there are many things to factor in. You have your materials, your lighting, your furniture and how they will all work together. While it is possible to do all these steps separately, there is a better way! With proper pre-planning and consideration of each of these factors together, you end up with a unified space that is functional and beautiful.

planning your interiors - homkw - Kuwait

So where do you start planning your interiors?

It all starts with a mood board. This is the first step to planning your dream space. A collection of materials, lighting and furniture that inspires you. This way, you will have something to refer back to when in need of making difficult decisions. Once you have your mood board, it is time to start planning!

It is time to start working on you furnishing and lighting layouts! Ideally, these 2 would be planned together in order to unify them into one cohesive and functional space. For example, when you have your furniture layout, you could plan a lighting layout based on the amount of lighting needed in the different areas of your space. Once you are happy with your layouts, we can move onto the selection stage!

The first selections you want to make would be your materials! This is because your materials are the base of you canvas! Having your materials chosen, will prove to make things clearer when selecting your furniture in the next stage. The world of materials is vast and offers so many options, but don’t get overwhelmed; you have your mood board to remind you of your favorites! Once you have selected your materials you are ready to move onto selecting your lighting and furniture. Just like when in the planning phase, it is also useful to select your lighting and furniture together. This will really be what brings everything together in the end.

How can we help?

We know how big of a headache it could be to work with multiple people in order to finalize your spaces and make all your orders! So, while we started by offering individual solutions for lighting, furniture and materials, we now offer full interior design solutions to our clients. Our interior design services include design consultations, layout plans and drawings with 3D renders. The intention is to work closely with clients to produce beautiful and functional spaces.

It is important to us, that clients achieve a high satisfactory level; we provide space plans, floor plans, and detailed drawings. We carefully select your materials with the consideration of color, textures and pattern. With a diverse selection, we work closely with trusted suppliers carrying luxury brands all over Europe.

We are willing to work around budget restrictions, design specifications, layout structures, designing a wide range of areas from residential to commercial. For your newly opened coffee shop, hotel lobby or your own bedroom, we are willing to tackle every project from within its context.  

Backed by by our design partners, Hamed Zubaid and Mona Al Baghli Architects, hōm powered by hzmb has made us stronger and we are up for the challenge!

What are you waiting for?

If it’s time to pre-plan your interiors, give us a call and let us help you get that perfect space you’re looking for!

Call us on +96592298018 or book a consultation now!

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