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Lighting and Finishing Materials supply by hōm interiors Kuwait - Private Chalet in Kuwait

Private Chalet in Kuwait: Lighting and Terrazzo

Take a look inside one of The Pearl Chalet, a private chalet in Kuwait where we supplied lighting and terrazzo. With a careful selection of lighting and materials, we’ve handpicked some of the best pieces to amplify this space.

hōm interiors is proud to have played a role in the lighting and terrazzo selection of this beautiful private chalet, designed by Hamed Zubaid and Mona AlBaghli Architects.

Other than the outstanding structure design, there are two main elements to the chalet that have entirely shifted the mood of indoor and outdoor spaces. First is lighting, and second is the full site Terrazzo flooring which you cannot miss!

Outdoor Lighting Kuwait - www.homkw.com


The Pearl Chalet is a prime example for modern beach-house living. It has strong elements of transparency, views access from all areas, water, and circulation. The space is designed with a mindful approach to merging indoor-outdoor spaces together. Its project turn-out was very successful. Outdoor architectural strip lighting in the front elevation allows geometrical shaping and design elements to stand out. Apart from lighting, Terrazzo is one of the main materials used in the chalet, full-site Terrazzo flooring adds great value and appeal to the space.See images for interior/exterior detail supplied and coordinated by hōm interiors.

Outdoor Lighting and Terrazzo Kuwait - www.homkw.com

Courtyard/Outdoor Lighting

The courtyard welcomes you with full-terrazzo flooring and minimal lighting for small tree gardens with a lovely view of the water. Lights that illuminate trees generate a healthy ambience around the area, allowing attention to detail and plant highlighting. The role of these lights is to create direction and circulation. Terrazzo is an excellent choice for beach house living experiences because it is durable with a resistance to water, dust, heat, and other damaging substances.

Indoor Lighting and Terrazzo Kuwait - www.homkw.com

Interior Lighting

Lighting in this image is used for architectural stair walkway. This is to illuminate the direction of the steps, and create lighting ambience within the space even during the night time. The stairs are also entirely made with terrazzo to match the rest of the space. Creating unity and a feeling of completion within the space. As a budget friendly solution, terrazzo is also sustainable made entirely with natural materials such as marble, quartz, and recycled glass, poured into colored cement and polished into unique decorative pattern; It is eco-friendly because its production is not harmful to the environment.

Indoor Lighting and Terrazzo Kuwait - www.homkw.com

Floor Lighting

Floor lighting is also very essential in lighting up the pillars of the space. This gives direction, and allows architectural elements to stand out even from within the building. The function of these lights is to beautify the spaces especially during the night, when ceiling lights are turned off, and lighting is emerged from the details.

Indoor Lighting Kuwait - www.homkw.com

Double-heights and chandeliers!

In the double-height living space area sits a large center-piece by ONE Light. The piece is made up of LED light ring, attached with thin electrical wires to create the illusion that it is floating like a halo. This piece creates harmony in the space, complimenting the water, and reflecting onto the interior touches of the space.

Indoor Lighting Kuwait - www.homkw.com

This image contains spot lights from the double-height ceilings. Spot lights are essential for bright illumination for the general area, rather than fixating on specific wall or lighting zone. They are not meant to be used to create an ambience but instead to brighten up the space. When spot lights are turned on, all other lights should be turned off, and when other lights are turned on, spot lights should d turned off.

Special lighting features and high quality flooring supplied entirely by hōm interiors. To ensure high-end and luxury lifestyles.

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