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Private Villa Lighting Design and Supply in Kuwait - www.homkw.com

Lighting Project: Private Villa in Kuwait

There are several preparation steps that take place when planning light design for your home. For our Private Villa Lighting Proejcts in Kuwait, it begins with meeting with the client and asking our clients for a budget in order to accommodate the project with a fair rate. Secondly, the client and interior designer work together to pick a theme and design type, looking over brands and products, creating attainable mood boards. When going into detail with the project, one must consider the requirements of each room by collecting precise lighting measurements.

Why is lighting important in Design?

Lighting is an illuminating tool to balance beauty and functionality within spaces. In the same way, It has the ability to entirely shift the mood of indoor and outdoor spaces. 

Hōm offers a wide selection of lighting, supplied from our favorite brands. We offer a variety of lighting services which include: Layout design, selection, project budgeting, site coordination, installation supervision, and customer follow ups! 

In this blog post, we would like to feature Images of a project completed in 2020. A villa designed by HZ.MB Architects. We successfully supplied, coordinated and installed interior and exterior lighting for the entire project. 

Architectural Lighting!

This image highlights the fundamentals of architectural lighting used in this terrace. Furthermore, drawing attention to exterior textures and enhancing design elements. Architectural lighting serves the most purpose during the night, unifying the home. Additionally, the light installed in this space is embedded into the design itself and the bulb itself is not seen yet the walls are illuminated. 

Private Villa Lighting Design and Supply in Kuwait - www.homkw.com

Decorative Lighting!

This piece is a prominent statement of decorative lighting. In-fact it also serves a similar purpose to a chandelier, here suspended from the ceiling. In this case, an illuminative tool for the basement living area; also inevitably adding character to the entire space. All in all, The light has a complex figure, shaped like a metal knot, or infinity symbol. It’s design is elegant and calmly floating into the atmosphere. (light specifications?) Click here to inquire about (name of light/brand)

Private Villa Lighting Design and Supply in Kuwait - www.homkw.com

LED Strip Lights!

In the ground floor guest bathroom, lighting strips are used to emphasizes the book matched marble wall-piece. Also, another type of material we supplied for this project. To illustrate, This light piece functions as a decorative piece by attracting the attention of guests, and allowing passerby’s something elegant to look at.

Private Villa Lighting Design and Supply in Kuwait - www.homkw.com

In addition, illuminative LED strip lights can make your swimming experience much more rewarding! Strip lights are essential in lighting up the walls of the space, and in this case pointing out the pool ceramic print which essentially beautifies the space.

Private Villa Lighting Design and Supply in Kuwait - www.homkw.com

General Lighting!

In the same way as many other light, General Lighting is used for lighting up the entire space in the mosts subtle way. For instance, in this project, the lights are infused into the structure of the design. The idea is to light up the entire hallway where light in generated from the inner edges of the built up track.

Our Lighting Services

If it’s time to pre-plan the lighting for your private villa in Kuwait, give us a call and let us help you plan the perfect lighting for your space!

Our goal at h ō m interiors, is to achieve balance between functionality and illumination.

Our services fall under three categories:

  1. Pre-sales [Layout design, Selection, Project budgeting]
  2. Post-sales [Site Coordination, Installation supervision]
  3. Post Installation [Customer services]

Call us on +96592298018 or book a consultation now!

This project was designed by HZ.MB Architects entirely considering the in’s and out’s of the lighting process. Lighting design and installation is an important feature in making your home feel well-rounded and complete. It adds a luxurious touch, making spaces speak for themselves.

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