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Spotlights by Italamp - homkw.com

Spotlights by Italamp!

In every household and commercial space, spotlights allow you to focus on a certain area or activity within that space. They are essential in creating warmth and allow us to see the smaller details. In choosing the right lighting systems, we create concepts to attain functional and aesthetic input depending on the type of room we are working with. Now, let us introduce you to these new spotlights by Italamp!

Italamp now presents us with a new range of spotlights that have instantly grabbed our attention! So, what makes these spotlights so special? The outcomes are aesthetically pleasing and manufactured with high quality decorative glass diffusers to enhance the brilliance of light. Italamp spotlights are designed to be luminous and extremely functional. They are not just regular spotlights, because they come in unique sizes, shapes, and colors, while still attaining a classy level of simplicity.  

Stilla Spotlight by Italamp - homkw.com


Composed of two parts, the STILLA, designed by Valerio Bottin and Paolo De Lucchi; spotlight consists of external transparent black decorative glass and an internal light source in white decorative glass. It is described as drop of water played by the two components which enclose one another to diffuse the light. It is perfect for indoor environments, suitable for narrow hallways and walkways leading to a wall of art.

Design by Valerio Bottin and Paolo De Lucchi

Diameter: 16 cm

Height: 5 cm


The BRINA is inspired by the natural formation of ice crystals visible on early mornings in colder seasons. The spotlight includes an external transparent black/brown glass and a white internal diffuser; two complementary parts of contrasting colors.

Design by Valerio Bottin and Paolo De Lucchi

Diameter: 16 cm

Height: 6 cm

Brina Spotlight by Italamp - homkw.com
Leo Spotlight by Italamp - homkw.com


A simple spotlight with an eye-catching design in decorative glass with metallic shades in gold, titanium or white. The LEO is particularly unique because it consists of an ombre-like shade that creatives illumination through the diffused glass. The gold tint on this design makes it suitable for rooms with windows and neutral colors such as white and grey.

Design by Danilo De Rossi

Diameter: 15 cm

Height: 8 cm


A spotlight with a silhouette purposely inspired by the crater of a volcano, where hot jets of light come out. The IDDA stands out because of its unique shape made of decorative glass with a metallic shade, available in white gold and titanium. With a shape that almost entirely covers up the light source, it presents itself in a very subtle manner, adding calmness and ambient light value to indoor environments.

Design by Danilo De Rossi

Diameter: 20 cm

Height: 7.5 cm

Idda Spotlight by Italamp - homkw.com
Izar Spotlight by Italamp - homkw.com


The IZAR spotlight is inspired by the namesake star also known as Pulcherrima, meaning beautiful in Latin. A spotlight with a pointy refined design, which illuminates indoor spaces expressively. The feeling in which one would get in installing the IZAR is almost an imitation to the nights sky, the feeling of stars floating above, all around the ceiling. Available with blown glass in gold, titanium, or a shaded white finish.

Design by Danilo De Rossi

Diameter: 16 cm

Height: 11 cm

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