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Book Matching Marble - an art in its own

The Appeal of Book Matching Marble

You may be wondering what book-matching marble is, and why it defines a space internally as a decorative solution.

Book-matching is when two or more stone marble surfaces are matched together; adjoined to mirror each other, giving the impression of an open book.

Like a work of art, it creates unity, adding movement and natural beauty to any given space. From halls to kitchens, your bedroom to your bathroom; book-matching marble will give an exotic feeling to all your spaces and is a popular solution in projects that aspire to be luxurious. It is a successful method of revealing a natural beauty emerging from the stone which authentically reflects nature.

Due to the process of slab slicing and precise lining, it may be higher in value than a regular marble placement, and that is exactly why it should be placed in rooms where it can be better appreciated. To all art collectors, book-matching marble will be the perfect addition to your home gallery.

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