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The M Collection by Italamp - homkw.com

The M Collection by Italamp

This month, we’re introducing to you what we call The M Collection by Italamp. A mix of pendants and table lamps which both fall under the category of decorative lighting. Their purpose is to enhance the mood by adding interest and character to a room. However, Designers today have taken into count the design of a table lamp or pendant. The idea is not just to light up a space as a function but instead to combine function and aesthetic with unique designs that stand out as an interesting piece in a room.

Designer Danilo De Rossi achieved just that when it comes to his collection of pendants and table lamps. An architect and designer since 1981, specializing in lighting design at Politecnico di Milano in 1985.

Table Lamps – The M Collection by Italamp

“Munetta and Martina, designed by Danilo De Rossi, are cordless lamps that illuminate thanks to an internal white glass diffuser that can be controlled by a touch sensor. Additionally, the diffuser, in the shape of an inverted cone, is enclosed by a bell-shaped structure in striped blown glass with a shaded blue or copper finish, topped by a crystal detail that resembles a drop that has settled on the dome.” They are 100% rechargeable up to eight hours of autonomy and equipped with a touch of sensor for adjusting the light source. The light is dimmable with a touch sensor allowing effortless navigation and use.

The main difference between the two lamps are the colors. Munetta shown on the left, ha faded ombre blue crystal glass and iron-grey metal. Martina shown on the right, has cropper shaded blue crystal glass with a bronze color fading to blue and brushed copper metal.

Diameter: 11 cm

Height: 26 cm

Munetta & Martina can be placed as center pieces on side tables, coffee tables, and even dining tables. For a better touch, they match together as a pair to unify and create closure in spaces. They could be places on side tables on each end of a couch to diffuse a subtle and dimmed ambience in living room spaces.

Pendants – The M Collection by Italamp

Muna and Marta are pendants from the same family as Munetta and Martina designed by Danilo De Rossi.

Muna is a Pendant in blown ruled glass with a faded blue finish and glass diffuser with white rugiada finish. Marta is the same as Muna however comes in copper lustro finish and glass diffuser. It is available in transparent and in white rugiada and copper shaded glass crystal with chrome metal.

Both lights are dimmable and available in two different dimensions.

Diameter: 30 cm

Height: 55 cm / 100 cm

In some way the pendants highly compliment the table lamps, meaning they would attached perfectly with one another in certain spaces. The pendants would sit perfectly on top of a dining table, or kitchen island. They could maybe work as bedside lamps floating from the ceiling. The significance of these pendants is that they give the illusion of floating in the air. Which adds a very leveled layer to the space.

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