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5 reasons the terrazzo trend is here to stay!

The Terrazzo Trend

If you’re looking to renovate your home, up style your coffee shop, or enhance the aura of your studio space, look no further!

Terrazzo, one of the biggest current trends in interior design, consists of tiny chips of marble, quartz, granite and natural stones, poured into colored cement and polished to reveal the beauty of uniquely patterned decorative pieces.

Whatever the style of your space, terrazzo can be customized to your needs, adding value and appeal. A luxury finish created to be a budget friendly solution. Currently, it stands as one of the biggest trend in home décor. Want to know why? 


Falling in with the latest trends on sustainability, Terrazzo production is not harmful to the environment and as an added bonus, it uses materials that could otherwise be wasted, making it very eco-friendly.


With the recent changes around the world following the pandemic, durability has become just as important as beauty; our lives shifting inwards have really got us thinking about making our spaces livable in the long run.


Terrazzo’s resistance to water, dust, heat and other damaging substances makes it versatile and usable in any way you can imagine! It can be used decoratively for floors, walls, counters, furniture and even accessories!

Endless Options

You’ll never get tired of flipping through countless catalogs; Terrazzo stones come in a variety of colors, styles, to suit your interior palette. With many shades and tints to choose from, it can be catered to your world.

Cost Effective

And finally, when it comes to maintenance, terrazzo requires very little maintenance and offers cost effective styles that are timeless enough to remain stylish, even in your forever home.

With the right color combination, potted plant or kitchen cabinet, terrazzo will add just the right earthy feel to your spaces, bringing you closer to nature with every block. Terrazzo is everywhere! Make it yours now!


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