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The wonders of color palettes

Before you start planning, look at the furniture pieces, carpets, and other items you already own. What theme do you have so far? Think about the colors you already have, then add colors that are suitable around them to set your color palettes. Keep in mind that colors carry energy and have the power to set the mood in any given space. Start with the darker and bolder colors and choose them wisely because they will attract attention in the room. In that case, also make sure, the lighter colors compliment, and illuminate the darker focal points.

60-30-10 Rule – Divide your space into components of 60% of dominant color such as the walls, and outer areas of the room, 30% for furniture and carpets, and lastly 10% for accessories such as pillows, curtains and carpets. In most cases, lighter colors take up most of the space but sometimes great art and design happens when rules are broken.

The rule of 3 – Select three dominant colors, to balance out the energy of the room, and prevent mismatched coordinates. You may even use those colors together and apply the rule mentioned before.

Showcase your own personal style – No matter how quirky and colorful, rules in design are there for those who have little time to add their own personal touch. If you have that knack for aesthetics and eye for design, use your instincts and other people will love it, because it reflects you!

Based on the four seasons, we generated four color palettes to go by when decorating your home.

The wonders of color palettes - Fall - homkw.com

Fall color palettes

This palette represents the atmosphere emitted from the season of fall. Inspired by the colors of leaves fallen from the trees, this palette will go perfectly in cozy living areas, reading rooms, and even children’s bedrooms. This combination includes colors that neither energize nor put you to sleep, but rather keep you in the limbo of in-between, much like the feeling of fall. Imagine a room with lotus walls, and a hawthorn rose reading chair, topped off with elderberry and muted clay carpet, and dried moss pillows!

The wonders of color palettes - Winter - homkw.com

Winter color palettes

Many types prefer neutral and monochromatic colors in their spaces. You can never go wrong with a basic color approach like winter. And while working with this palette its always safe to add small touches of any primary or secondary colors without the worry of mismatched results. This palette works perfectly in offices, where one would want to increase focus, and minimize distraction. This palette is also reasonable for areas where one is starting off with a black couch, brown wood, and white sand walls.

The wonders of color palettes - Spring - homkw.com

Spring color palettes

This palette is made for vibrant rooms, spaces where creative energy flows. Greens go perfectly in kitchens, studios, and nearby garden areas. If your space has those in between lounge areas, or mini tea rooms, by-window areas and entrances, this color palette approach would be perfect. Greens and blues exert calm energy, with a grounding Chai Tea and brightening Celery combination. Keep in mind, that artwork colors also play a role in creating the mood of the home, so one can have a neutral space, yet put up spring color palette artwork, to balance out the space.

The wonders of color palettes - Summer - homkw.com

Summer color palettes

Creative energy, vibrancy, and spaces to feel awake. Summer would make a nice color palette for a multipurpose space where you regularly have people over for events like game night, dinners, and fun occasions. Bathrooms are also a good place for summer colors, to keep you energized in the mornings. Not all colors have to be selected, for a dimmer vibe, maybe only combine iced coffee, tourmaline, and cornsilk together. These colors may also be popular in children’s bedrooms as well, creating an atmosphere for playfulness.

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