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Three Steps to Perfect Lighting - Ambient Lighting - Task Lighting - Accent Lighting

Three Steps for Perfect Lighting

While we all know how essential lighting is but we must understand the art of lighting in order to use it properly. Bad lighting can easily downgrade the quality of your interior plan, while good lighting can enhance your space. Follow these three steps for perfect lighting, which all function uniquely to enhance the essence of any given room.

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting provides the overall glow of an area. Most commonly from the ceiling, it is a primary source of light which contributes warmth, depth, and space.

It should not be too bright or illuminating but instead calm and relaxing. Ambient lighting may be well appreciated by your guests at dinner parties.

Task Lighting

Task lighting has a more specific use rather than general. It is meant to help you perform specific tasks such as reading, writing, cooking or applying makeup.

While Task lights are sometimes part of the architectural lighting category in the form of profiles, they are mostly in the decorative lighting category. This means, they are usually a floor lamp, table lamp or a pendant lamp.

Task lighting is mainly designed to light only one specific area. This will reduce strain on your eyes and make your task experiences better than when relying only on Ambient Lighting

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is the final layer of lighting which you should focus on. Its function is to highlight specific features of indoor and outdoor areas, such as paintings, interior architecture, and even mannequins in a store.

These lights are meant to steer the viewer into a certain direction, clarifying a purpose or meaning. Accent lighting is just the right tool to pave the way and if utilized correctly, can transform your spaces into a story for the eyes of your guests.


Next time you’re looking at your lighting or pre-planning your lighting scheme, remember to use your lights wisely and follow the three steps for perfect lighting! They have the power to either make or break any given space!


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