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Universale by Italamp - homkw.com

Universale by Italamp, New Love?

Excited to announce the latest lamp Universale by Italamp. Designed by Virginia Cei, Universale is inspired by the creative process of her personal and professional experiences. It is the small details of this design that add up to shed light on the importance of craftsmanship and quality; a key ingredient to convey the value of Italamp products.

Universale table lamp is designed as the shape of a chalice, an ode to the nature of love. The lamp is formed by a cylindrical metal base available in three new finishes to provide various options. It is surmounted by a precious hand carved crystal structure that embraces an internal diffuser in brown glass.

Universale by Italamp - homkw.com

Why love?

The lamp is designed as a symbol of universal love. In observing life, the Virginia Cei realized that we become attached not only to people, but also to things that’s surround us; like objects, nature, and art. Love is a walk together throughout time and space.

When we compare light to love, we see that as a source of everything, light in its purest form removed doubt, paves the way, and creates opportunity.

Universale table lamp is the perfect addition to any home and space. Would fit beautifully on a hallway console or centerpiece coffee table and maybe even a bedside table. With its unique shape, it is elegantly illuminating.

Universale by Italamp

Carved in crystal with internal diffuser in blown and satin glass. Metal base with matt champagne, matt bronze, or matt black finish.

Diameter: 30 cm

Height: 44 cm

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